22-year Old Rapper is Reportedly Shot and killed | bfg straap dead video.

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The picture of BFG Straap and Fort worth shooting victim turns to homeowner for help.

BFG Straap Dead Video:- Some of months before a American Rapper from Texas BFG Straap passed away in South Dallas shooting.

Bfg Straap who is a young and famous Rapper in America. He was dead in a shooting and also one other man is dead with him.

26 Year old Cory Lucien died at the scene ant one other 22 year old boy Antywon Dillard died in hospital.

BFG Straap really name is Antywon Dillard. At that time no one arrested l.

BFG Straap Dead Video Explain:-

when the Antywon death news spread on internet a controversial video also occurred on social media which claimed by social media user that this video is BFG Straap shooting video.

At that time we also look for that kind video but we didn’t find any video on social media. Now once again it’s again a hit topic on Twitter about BFG Straap video.

The people who started this trend they just want to get some views on their profile so they claim this type of content when their actually two people killed by someone. If you are also looking for video I think you can’t find it and if even that Time the real video was on social media it is not possible it still exist.

Because that content have very violence graphics which is not allowed on any social media or even on Google.

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