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85-year-old Gloria Serge’s Attack by a Alligator video viral.

85 year old woman attack by alligator in Florida full video when she walking with her dog on bank of lake.

There is a lot of stuff trending on social media everyday and we see everyday a new thing is trending and today trending is about a old lady who is attack by alligator.

A woman was killed by 10 feet long alligator in Florida. She was 85 year old and walking on the bank of lake with her dog.

Most of the People want to watch Alligator attack video but the video is full of graphical contant which is not allowed to share any media plate from but you can see here.

This accident happened in Florida near her when she walks with her dog a a giant alligator attack her and dragged her into water.

according to the officials of fish and wildlife they received a call about alligator bite. they recovered the women body and also captured.

Official said this is not the first time in August 88 year old woman killed by alligator in south Carolina and also another elderly women killed by a alligator in Florida in July she fell in the Pound and attack by two alligator.

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