A group of nurses from Atlanta fired after a viral video on TikTok.

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A group of nurses from Atlanta fired after a viral video on TikTok.
Nurses making icks of Labor and delivery videos.

Atlanta nurses fired after their disrespectful behavior videos on TikTok. These days people can do anything on social media even if you want criticize someone you can do that without legal consequences.

Four Atlanta nurses mocking on their patient and makes video of their habits. All of them receive termination because of disrespectful behavior.

Atlanta nurses fired video.

People react on their video some previous patient show support for These girls and other are complaining about them like @slimeypey.

“Had my child here. They coerced me into a c section, completely disregarded me when I discussed my pain with them my entire time I went into labor & after delivery/recovery. Only allowed me 800 ibuprofen after a c section…my baby died in care of Emory nurses in the end as well”.

Everybody complaining about these nurses and also about all hospital staff it not just about these four whole hospital staff behavior is disgusting.

“Want to know something crazy? These are the nurses where my baby was delivered. I had a terrible experience. At one point, mom ran out for help because I was in pain, they said “Ok. Anyways…” and continued their conversation. That’s something my mother never forgot.”

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