Accident : Face Split Diving Accident Video gone viral

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Accident : Face Split Diving Accident Video gone viral

Face Split Diving Accident Video gone viral:- In 2009 there is a accident in Beirut. A teenager boy and brother gone for diving on Manara Promenade just near American University in Beirut. 

Beirut is Capital of Lebanon. This is very old video but it’s again trending on social media and internet with the name of face split diving video. 

Is a 16 year old boy went for diving in the water when he tried to jump into water he slipped and his face it’s on a concrete slab. 

Photo credit : Twitter  face split diving video 

This concrete slab is for fishermen they sit on this lab and fishing. And when he go into ocean the blood is everywhere everyone is screaming and shocked they call ambulance. 

He is very brutally injured can’t share his picture because it is so violent and has graphic content in it but when he reached hospital please tell a lie and doctor trying to help him but they don’t know how to start this. 

This is also disturbing but doctor try their best to save this poor little kit this is a very the tragedic accident.


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