Amber Rae McElravy Video Gone Viral While She abuse Little Kids.

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Amber Rae McElravy Video is viral on all over social media this video is originally upload on Facebook the contant of this video is very inappropriate and full of violence.

When Amber Rae McElravy abusing her children someone recording her video and after that he/she shared her video on Facebook and this video Gone Viral.

when Amber video goes viral on social media police arrested her and charging for Felony and Child abusing act now she is in jail.

Amber Rae McElravy Videoand her Facebook
facebook profile of Amber Rae McElravy.

Who is Amber Rae McElravy?

Amber Rae McElravy is 27 Year old girl her criminal record is clean and she doesn’t have any mental health issues. How she can do that with her children and a fact they are not her real children they are her Foster child.

she is not popular on social media but after this video people start searching about her and want to know more about her and also want to watch her video.

Who record and shared Amber Rae McElravy Video.

The other big thing is when she abusing her children who is the cameraman who record her video why he/She try to stop her he just recorded the video and upload it on social media where everybody want to watch video.

when someone shared her video on social media we don’t think it is a good move he/she can take this video to police as evidence and police arrested her and no one see this video this video is so much disturbing.

what is Amber Rae McElravy Video on Facebook – Explain

Recently a video is trending on social media specially on Twitter and Facebook where a woman beating her children not in Normal way although this also wrong to your children but she beating them very brutally with fist and belt.

After the Video goes viral police take action against her and arrested her and send children to a child care services.

Reaction of People on Amber Rae McElravy Video.

People reacted as usual most of want to watch video they are trying to search her full video all of them criticize her for this kind of act with children.

Amber Rae McElravy beat this 5 year old little boy like he was a grown man! And she’s only getting charged for child endangerment f*ck the system.

“i saw something about amber rae mcelravy but didn’t understand why people were so mad so i found@the video. y’all do not look for the video. you do not want to see it. holy fuck she is a monster and doesn’t deserve to have any of her children”.

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