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Antonio Brown Dubai Video on Twitter in Hotel Pool is Viral.

Antonio Brown Dubai video is viral all over internet when he was spending his time in a Dubai hotel pool but is not reason he trending on Twitter. He was without Clothe in that pool where also other people enjoying.

He is very famous NFL player so many of his is also there. They record his video while he having some fun and upload it on twitter.

After this video getting viral everyone digging where is this happen so according to information Antonio is in Armani Dubai hotel.

He was enjoying in hotel pool but he was full na*ed he isn’t care there are other people’s also in this pool and end result of this little enjoyment is someone capture his video and upload it on social media and now he is a trending topic but not in a good way.

Antonio Brown Dubai pool video on Twitter full watch.
image via Twitter/ Antonio Brown Dubai video on Twitter

Who is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown is a well known American football wide receiver player. He born and raised in Liberty City, Miami and he 34 year. Brown start his football career from Central Michigan University.

In 2008 and 2009 he earn All American honors. His jersey number is 84 . His career total return Yard is 2934, Receptions:928, Receiving yards:12,291, Total touchdowns:88. Brown was trade in 2019 to Oakland Raiders who made him highest paid receiver in the league.

Antonio Brown Dubai video Twitter Explain

Antonio Brown Dubai video is viral on twitter and several other social media platforms. People try to find his video on twitter.

We can see in video which is upload by one of his fan when he was in a Armani Dubai hotel pool where he enjoying and show the audience his gun and his bu*t this is very inappropriate act because he is not alone in the pool many other people and girls in pool.

Antonio want to play with woman mean time she don’t complain but she isn’t feeling comfortable and she goes in hotel she was yelling and complain about him hotel don’t revealed the woman identity.

People Reacted on Twitter about Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown was asked to leave a Dubai hotel shortly after a nude incident in their pool.There’s also complaints he snubbed the dress-code customs by flaunting his bare chest to guests inside the hotel, and allegedly smoking weed which would violate the country’s law

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