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Atlanta airport today, Atlanta airport gun, Police ID passenger being sought after discharging gun at airport

Despite cases by means of online media, there was not a working shooter at Atlantas air terminal, said Hartsfield-Jackson experts in an attestation introduced on Twitter. 

atlanta airport today,atlanta airport gun, Police ID passenger being sought after discharging gun at airport
Image via Twitter

A gun was delivered at the air terminal around 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the security screening locale. Likewise, it sent electronic media into a frenzy as visitors introduced accounts on Twitter of anarchy unraveling. 
The Transportation Security Administration said in a clarification that after a X-pillar perceived something confined, a TSA official began glancing through a sack and provoked the explorer not to get in touch with it. The explorer raced into the pack and got a weapon, in this way, everything considered it delivered, as demonstrated by TSA. 
The explorer then, gotten away from the locale, running out of the air terminal leave, the statement showed. 
On Saturday evening at a back and forth discussion at the air terminal, Atlanta police detailed they have given warrants for the catch of the voyager, Kenny Wells, 42. Charges fuse passing on a hidden weapon at a business air terminal and responsibility for firearm by a condemned criminal. 
After the weapon delivered, the explorer then, gotten away from the security assigned spot through an adjoining exit ramp with his firearm. Were fortunate that when the weapon went off nobody was genuinely hurt, said Robert Spinden, TSA government security boss for Georgia, at the public meeting.

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