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BABY NEWS, Chris Brown & Girlfriend Diamond Brown Expecting Third Child Together, Look Her BABY BUMP

Fans of Chris Brown have been shocked since the star revealed his “diamond” pregnancy. Diamond Brown has been in a relationship with the rapper since 2019. 

But Chris has been in a relationship with his daughter’s mother, Amika Harris, for many years. 

Who’s Diamond Brown?

Diamond is an Instagram model and beautiful with over 18,000 followers on the Instagram. 
Diamond is only 23 years old, which makes him at least nine years younger than Chris. 
In addition to her Instagram, Diamond recently started advertising on TikTok. Last week, the model announced a video presentation on the platform comparing her pre-pregnancy condition to her current body. 
Earlier, the rapper was accompanied by Indonesian singer Agnieszka Mo, Vanessa Vargas, Draya Michelle and many other women. However, his best relationship is with Rehana.

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