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BFG Straap Video| Rapper BFG Straap is Killed in Shooting.

On Thursday Rapper BFG Straap is dead in a assault attack.In Dallas police are looking for the person who shot BFG Straap and another man.

BFG video is viral on social media people trying to find his video. Straap real name is Antywon Dillard.

Antywon who is 22 year old died at hospital and other victim Cory Lucien Who is 26 Year old died at the Spot.

BFG Straap video image via Twitter

This accident happened in South Della’s near Malcolm x Boulevard Casey street.

Police are looking for Suspect who shot BFG Straap and local man but no one arrested yet so there is reward in exchange for information which could lead to suspect.

What is BFG Straap Video on Twitter?

BFG Straap Video is going viral on social media especially on Twitter which is capture in a CCTV Camera is upload on internet.

In this video suspect face is not clear police still looking for the suspect. We cannot share this video is because it has some inappropriate content that we are not allow to share here.

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