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Brooklyn shooting today | Brooklyn Subway shooting video full.

What happened in Brooklyn Subway shooting:-

Brooklyn shooting today | Brooklyn Subway shooting video full.What happened in Brooklyn Subway shooting:
Image via Twitterー A picture inside Brooklyn Subway metro train
Every day something is happening, some of the events are very bad happened today a shootout happened in a metro station in Brooklyn Subway.
An unfortunate event happened on the Brooklyn metro station many people shot in subway in New York
This accident video viral on social media, we see in this video the metro station filled with smoke that means suspect first use a smoke gurnade for distract the passenger before he shoot someone.
When the suspect used a smoke gurnade, everyone panic, and as you can see in video, everyone rushes out from the train and also a man who is wearing a gasmask.
It’s not taken more than one minute when there is bl*od everywhere on subway Brooklyn station. 
10 people injured in this accident these are not exact numbers and no injury is life threatening also President Joe Biden asked about this accident from New York officials.

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