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Christopher Geldart Video Viral on Social Media.

Christopher Geldart Video is going viral on all over internet. Everyone talking about his fight in parking lot. Geldart arrested in assault charges.

When Christopher fight with gym trainer in a parking lot a video is recorded on CCTV camera. So Gold gym trainer Dustin woodward provide the footage to local police station and file a complain against him.

Mr woodward please explain his fight with Mr Christopher Geldart he said that Mr Christopher try to choke him.

Who is Christopher Geldart ?

Christopher Geldart is deputy Mayor of public safety and Justice in district of Columbia from January 28 to 2021.

Christopher Geldart Video Viral on social media.
image via Twitter/ Christopher Geldart fight video.

He was head of operation in DC during the COVID-19. Christopher complete his graduation in a American university of Maryland in bachelors of art.

He work For many years in federal, local and state government.

christopher geldart video viral on Twitter – Explain

Christopher Geldart is a public office holder. He is a deputy mayor of District of Columbia. Recently he accused a man in a parking lot outside of a gym.

Christopher violated the law and fight with the gym trainer who is working in Gold’s gym in Arlington,Virginia. In the video footage we can see Christopher leaving the gym at the same time gym trainer also open his car door.

woodward put his daughter on back seat and when Christopher come to this man their was argument between them. In video footage we can see after this argument Christopher start the fight until his wife came for stop him.

that man take the recorded footage and go into a local police station to submit a complain about him. Now police arrested him under the assault charges and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser told that we don’t know what actually happened. We don’t know nothing but we assume that this fight over something small which happened usually we hope it’s solve quickly.

we cannot show the video of Christopher because we try to find his video very hard on social media. we just find spams and nothing more but when we find the video footage we share here.

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