Couch Guy Viral TikTok video original – Lauren Zarras TikTok video with Couch Guy ‘Robbie’.

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Couch Guy is currently trending on social media after a TikTok video of him and his female friend ‘Laurenzarras’ gone viral on TikTok.

TikTok is obsessed with a video approximately a woman unexpected her boyfriend at university, collecting over 3 million likes on the time of this writing.
After looking Couch man viral video, People were divided over the opinion “instead he became happy to look his girlfriend or unhappy.
The video in query is an first rate reunion video of Robbie (Couch guy) and his female friend ‘Lauren Zarras.’
The unique Name of the Couch Guy is ‘Robbie’ and he is the principle character of the purported video.
Lauren Zarras is the second character of cognizance within the viral Couch man video
Couch man video become shared on TikTok by using his girlfriend ‘Lauren Zarras’ who filmed herself even as seeking to surprise Robbie with a sudden reunion
Lauren Zarras TikTok video, popularly referred to as Couch guy TikTok video has received over 32 million views thus far.
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Couch guy TikTok video is currently trending on social media and hundreds of people are sharing the similar reunion videos following the TikTok trend. But if you don’t know “who the Couch guy is”, we will explain all about Couch guy, his girlfriend Lauren Zarras and the viral TikTok video of them.

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