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Ethan Crumbley, his parents had school meeting over ‘behavior’ just hours before attack.

Defendant Oxford High Hitman Ethan Crumble was taken to school just hours before the deadly attack because of his “class behavior” with his family. 

Auckland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Wednesday that after first speaking with school officials on Monday, Crumble and his family were taken to the school to meet with administrators on Tuesday, shortly afterwards. 
Earlier, he opened fire, killing four students and wounding seven others. . “We were also told that the school had some information or had some kind of connection to the school,” Bouchard said at a press briefing.
“We have since learned that the school contacted the student the day before and on the day of the shooting for the behavior they thought was relevant in the classroom,” he said. 
We met face to face at school. The contents of this meeting are certainly part of the investigation. 
The comments came after Oakland District Attorney Karen MacDonald announced that Krampley had been charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder, terrorism, assault and possession of a weapon. 
However, Attorney Nadine Hatton told Judge Nancy Carnick during her hearing in Michigan’s 52nd District Court on Wednesday that she represented Crumble at the “Childhood Case” but did not elaborate. Through a remote video link, he was seen falling on a table, wearing a bulletproof vest, glasses, and undergoing surgery. 
FK Lieutenant Tim Willis said Judge Crumble had taken two videos the day before the filming and had a diary in his bag containing plans for the attack. According to the Detroit News, Willis told the judge, “The next day he talked about the shooting death of students at Oxford High.” 
“We also found a diary in Ethan’s bag detailing his desire to blow up the school, including the murder of students,” Willis said.

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