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Fair Ride In India Accident In a Carnival at Mohali.

Fair Ride In India Accident In a Carnival at Mohali.
Image via Twitter 

Yesterday A fair ride in India accident happen in Mohali in a carnival event. 

15 to 16 people are injured in this accident this happen at Dussehra event when people ride on a swing and it is approximately 50 ft high from the ground and incident occur during this fun ride 15 to 16 people are hurt. 
People who present at the event they said at least 15 people are heart and most of them childrens and women. 

Fair Ride In India Accident In a Carnival at Mohali.

A video went viral on social media of fair ride in India accident at Mohali which is happen on Dussehra Carnival. 
This accident is just like two months before when a 14 year old boy fell from a roller coaster and dead but this time 15 people fall from the ride but no one is dead yet.
Mohali police commissioner said that we investigate this accident very strictly and take strict action against who ever responsible For this accident.
India local news said that people’s which are present in the event when this accident happened they told that almost 50 people on the ride and half of them fell down. 
This accident happened on Sunday night in Mohali at 10:00 p.m to 11:00 at Dussehra.
Many people want to watch the video of fair ride accident And this is the reason it is trending on social media with title of fair ride accident video .
you want to watch video here you can go on twitter and search Mohali accident in video is available on Twitter.
We know people curious about this. When we get more updates we will share with you every update of this accident.

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