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Hareem Shah video viral on Twitter and social media.

If you are from Pakistan you definitely know about hareem Shah she is a Instagram influencer. She is famous on social media from last 3 years.

Hareem Shah upload recently some politicians videos so sha has a lot of enemies but she calim that video on social media is is real some stole the videos from her phone and now this the matter of Cyber crime.

Hareem Shah video gone viral all over social media she is trending on Twitter Facebook Instagram and also othe social media platforms.

this is not the first time that she is trending on social media about her controversy this time is different because this time someone upload her personal videos.

In 20 20 she meet with high level parliamentarian in Pakistan government and have their videos later that she published those videos on social media.

I know you are here for hareem Shah video you can see her video here.

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