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Hawaiian Airlines Flight Turbulence Video Twitter.

There is a fight on Hawaii airlines during a flight Turbulence. around twenty one people injured and taken to hospital because of head injures, loss of consciousness and bruising.

Hawaiian Airlines Turbulence full video on Twitter and Raddit.

11 people from them are seriously injures and in ICU. The flight from Phoenix to Honolulu hit by server turbulence.

It was a Airbus A330-200 278 passengers and 10 crew members on board on this flight. When it’s hit by server turbulence a video gone viral all over social. where we can see people wearing the oxygen masks.

All cabin Crew and pilot try to calm down the passengers and requesting for support to help the injured people.

hawaiian airlines flight turbulence video twitter.

A video is viral on social media which is record from plane where people are screaming and ver looks very afraid.

you can see in the video several of people injures and everyone is panic.

Hawaiian Airlines said “Medical care provided to several guests and crew members at the airport for minor injuries while some were swiftly transported to local hospitals for further care.”

According to new reports 36 people are injures and 11 people who re seriously injures taken to local hospital.

Airline official said this was very unusual and isolated event this never happens before Hawaiian Airlines never face this kind of incident.

He added that while the airline was familiar with the weather forecast, there was no warning that “particular patch of air… was in any way dangerous”.

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