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How to rank on google without backslinks.

How to rank on google without backslinks.

Backlinks structure explains jow backlinks build.
Credit:- pixabay / structureof backlinks
So today we are telling you about how to rank on Google without backlinks. Most of new bloggers face difficulty to rank on google because they have no Domain Authority and backlinks. 
Domain Authority, Page Authority and backlinks is major part of Seo but when you are a new blogger like me you have no backlinks and no backlinks means no Domain Authority and google aren’t trust on your website because google trust on those websites which has high Authority Score rather than new websites which are not having backlinks and Authority.

*Table of contents

※What is domain authority.

1:-What is differences between Domain ratings and domain authority.
2:-Is domain authority important for Seo.
3:-How can I increase my domain authority.

※ What is page authority.

※What is backlinks and how it works?

1:-is backlinks important for seo . 

2:-is backlinks still relevant in 2022

※What is spam score.

1:- How to decrease spam score.

[How to rank without backlinks and Domain authority.]

※Can you rank on google without backslinks.

1:- language 

2: long tail keyword 

3:- contant 

4:- optimise your images.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority or domain rating is matrix that represent overall site result of a website back link profile it’s help you rank on google top page. 
They divided the domain authority into three tyre these website that have domain rating from 0 to 30 these are low authority websites when a website authority is 31 to 60 is medium authority and final highAuthoritywebsitewhich is 61+.

1:- What is difference between domain authority and domain rating?

The domain authority and Domain rating is same thing the difference it’s name that give by two seo tools The MOZ said Domain Authority and Ahrefs said it Domain ratings but both are working on same matrix which is checking a website back link profile and give authority number to website.

2:- is domain authority important for SEO.

Yes domain authority is important for SEO because when Google find its user result it’s prefer high authority website rather than low authority sites because Google trust on those sites who has strong DA PA authority.

3:- how can I increase my domain authority?

When it’s come to increase your domain authority SEO tools check your backlinks profile. How relevant is your backlinks with your content or website and what is the quality of your backlinks. If you have thousand of backlinks from low authority website are low quality website this is not working for your SEO. But if you have five or 10 good high quality backlinks from high authority website it’s will help your overall SEO of website and domain authority.
But content is also a major factor for backlinks because if you have not good content that will interact user you did not get any backlinks from any websites because you are content is not good for their users. 

What is page authority?

Page authority is just like your domain authority but it is only associate with your specific pages on you website. it’s indicate how your page is good the higher your page authority the more your page rank on google.

What is backlinks and how it works?.

Backlinks are those links which are connected one website to some other website. more you have backlinks the more popular is your website and high ranking on search engines. Google still looking your backlink profile to rank your content on number one page on Google. 
Good quality backlinks are increase your domain authority and it’s easy for you to rank higher on searchengines.

1:-Is backlinks is important for SEO?

Yes it is a important part of your SEO it just like a vote of confidence because when someone link to your page or website it’s indicate that your content is having higher value then his content. so Google always care about his user and Google rank those content who has unique and high value content.

2:-Is backlinks still relevant in 2022.

Yes Banklink is still relevant in 2022 because it is the main factor for your SEO the higher you have bad link The more Google trust on your content. When you have high quality backlinks to your website or your page it’s shown to Google that your content is high value and that is the reason search engines rank you higher on it’spages.

What is spam score.

Spam score is a termthat we see in MOZ SEO tool. The higher is spam score you are in more danger but MOZ check more than 21 factor when he give you site a spam score.
Major part of a spam score is your backlinks if you have low quality backlinks or backlinks from higher spam score websites it will increase you overall sitespam score.

1:-How to decrease spam score of website.

In terms of decreasing a spam score of your website if you have spam score more than 30% you are taking action immediately for decreasing your Sam score you can use MOZ tools to check your low quality and spamy backlinks and make a lits then upload a file in google Disavow tool it will remove all your backlinks tha you think its dangerous for your website.
Credit:- pixabay / seo structure how everythingis connected wit seo.

How to rank without backlinks and Domain authority.

Can you rank on google without backlinks.

Yes you can rank on google without backlinks there is no doubt about Google still looking for backlinks when he want to rank someone articles but you can rank on google first position without making single back link basically Google look for your queries if you link your queries with other same website pages that is proved that your content is good and trusted and then Google rank you on higher page but what you can do for rank on google without backlinks here is the steps.


Content that is other than English language is easier to rank on Google and getting organic traffic no matter if you don’t have any backlinks.
Most of the beginners want to rank on Google and they right English content and Google has more than 58% English content that is the reason you need to back link for ranking higher. but when you see other languages we take example of Arabic it’s available content on Google only 0. 8% that is the reason you don’t need any back link in term of ranking higher in Google if you choose less compatitive language and you can rank easily.

2:-Long tail keyword

When you are searching for a keyword you use always long tail keywords or a broad keyword these keyword are less competitive than short keyword and you rank easily because high authority websites normally target short keyword because they these keyword has tons off traffic rather than long tail keyword.
Broad keyword has less traffic but is your to rank on google.


Google always says content is king in term of Google content is everything if you want rank higher you should write a better and high value content if you want to defeat your competitor search for your topic and gether the information from all ranking pages and write a unique content and add more value than your competitor because Google want value content for their user.

4:-Optimize images

Everybody know Google is not only rank your article but images videos and news also when you up to Mysore article and also optimise your images and add keyword in the images your image also will rank and it will give you traffic on your article also.

The conclusion of this topic is you can rank with these step on search engine without making back links but back links or still relevant in 2022 you work on On page SEO but it’s also important to work on Of page SEO in next article we will tell you about how to create unique and high quality backlinks. if you like this article please tell us in the comment.

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