Royalty Daughter Jaliyah So Cool Fights at School get arrested.
Royalty Daughter Jaliyah So Cool Fights at School get arrested.

The internet is full of news about Jaliyah fight video in school. She is daughter of famous royalty couple. Jaliyah So Cool also arrested after the fight.

The video of this accident is very quickly viral on social media and people talking about parenting, privileges and the consequences of bad behavior after seeing this video.

Jaliyah she is very famous because of her royalty parents. Her parents is famous for their lavish lifestyle. But she also a very famous social media influencer because of her charming personality and engaging contant.

Who is Jaliyah So Cool ?

Jaliyah she is 15 year old a daughter of royalty couple. Jaliyah is Known as J’aaliyah So Cool. She is the daughter of Royalty Johnson and CJ So Cool.

She is appearing in CJ vlogs and video on YouTube. Jaliyah is already have significant following on her social media accounts.

she is making videos with Karnation, Cordayah, Camari, Leonidas and Cordero Jr on YouTube channel So Cool Kids. Which has 626k followers but now it’s managing by Royalty because it’s rename as Life with Royalty.

is Jaliyah So Cool step daughter of CJ So Cool?

Yes, she is step daughter of famous YouTube star CJ So Cool. Jaliyah appear on CJ YouTube channel along with Karnation, Leonidas, Cordayah, Camari and Cordero Jr. They all are making content on one channel So Cool Kids but now this rename to Life with Royalty.

EXPLAIN:- Jaliyah So Cool Fight Video At School.

Everyday we seen a new trending video sometimes the video is trending because of good quality contant but most of time we seen those videos which are under violation of contant policies like someone Private video, fighting video or any video which has violence contant those kind of videos getting million of video in no time.

Jaliyah So Cool who is well Known social media influencer and also famous because f her parents her video gone viral when she fighting.

She arguing with other student but things got escalate and , they start fighting. As we know everybody has a phone and when someone see this type of content they just record the video and upload it on social media.

Jaliyah Fighting video full on Twitter.

Same thing happen in this accident someone upload hert video on social media and it gone viral in just some minutes and get millions of views.

We don’t know yet what is the reason of this white but her mother says it was about bullying. Jaliyah mother said” if she behave like this and got into a fight it is possibly a reason behind this fight it is most likely that he is bullying in school and now things are not in control of her and she God fight with other student.

Many people criticize her because of her bad behavior and most of people talking about parenting.

They thinks it is her parents fault that she behave like this but her mother said every story have two sides and she is sure that Jaliyah So Cool has a good reason of this.

Royalty shocked to see JAALIYAH F!GHT video‼️Reginae speaks on Ar’mon taking the RING back..😳

We know you are looking for Jaliyah So Cool video we are not support those content who has violence graphics so we can’t share the video but you can find it on Twitter very easily just Type Jaliyah So Cool Fight Video and you can see her video on Twitter.

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