katie sigmond Grand Canyon slide show video viral.

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Katie Sigmond Grand Canyon video viral.
Katie Sigmond Post a video from Grand Canyon while playing Gol.

Katie Sigmond Grand Canyon video is viral on social media especially on Twitter. We seen everyday a new trend on twitter and other social media platforms about something crazy.

Social media users doesn’t care whether someone is famous or not they just want views and when they have this kind of material which is inappropriate and we all know people want to watch this kind of content so they upload it on some social media app like twitter Raddit.

Katie Sigmond fined 285$ after hitting a golf ball into Grand Canyon. She is influencer and has millions of followers on Instagram. On 26 October she share a video on her Instagram story where she hitting a ball into Grand Canyon. She throw a golf club into canyon after the video delete but most of her fans save this video and upload online.

Who is Katie Sigmond?

Katie Sigmond is social media influencer she is social media celebrity. She make pranks videos and also making traveling vlog. Katie also make Glof focused content.

Katie Sigmond has 7 million followers on TikTok and 3 million followers on Instagram. She is trending on social media because of an illegal activity during her traveling.

She made a video in Grand Canyon Play Glof and when she hits the ball she also throw her Golf stick with it when she realizes this is illegal she delete the video but Grand National park posted on Facebook that she posted a video to her personal TikTok page showing her hitting a golf ball and throwing a golf club into the canyon near Mather Point.”

“Grand Canyon Law Enforcement identified, located and contacted the individual responsible for the incident. Charges and a court appearance for the individual are pending,”

Grand Canyon Law Enforcement said throwing object over the rim of grand canyon is illegal and also dangerous for hikers and wildlife.

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