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Last year a video is viral on social media about Baby Alien and Kelsey Lawrence on fan bus. After the video released on social media Kelsey Lawrence faced immediate consequences for her reputation and Career.

Rumors About Baby Alien’s Sister On The Fan Bus.

Social media users Claims that woman in the video on Fan bus is Baby Alien’s Sister. Video on social media and on TikTok aren’t related. As we can seen in that Video a Onlyf star Dabb Gasm give surprise to a woman in the back of a Van.

They both release a video on adult platform and people assumed that girl in the video is Baby Alien’s Sister but she wasn’t. She is Kelsey Lawrence a adult star.

Video Of Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm

Kelsey Lawrence is Social media content creator. She makes Content on TIKTOK and has more than 130,000 Followers. She is 20 Year old and most of her content on TikTok is Lip sync and Doing Cheerleading in NFL games with her friend Dabb.

ahe has a YouTube channel Gasm Gang and she also make content for adults platform like Onlyf. Where she charging for her content 19.99$ for a month.

They both regularly posted video together on TikTok and last time they teams up for the explicit video on a fan bus.

Baby Alien’s Sister Viral video

when the video is released everybody said that this is Baby Alien’s and her sister video and it went viral in just some hours. They are viral in just one night.

In the video they showed that they are giving a surprise to Dabb. He is losing his virginity. He brought in to the Fans Van with a blindfold on his face. He touched some things but he couldn’t guess and when he take off his blindfold he was surprised.

This whole video is available on Onlyf because of restricted content when can’t share that video. It’s only available on Fan Van’s Onlyf.

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