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LT stabbing video | Who’s is Lauie Michael Tagaloa? Laurie michael tagaloa video.

Who’s is Lauie Michael Tagaloa? Laurie michael tagaloa video Brisbane.

LT stabbing video | Who's is Lauie Michael Tagaloa? Laurie michael tagaloa video Brisbane.
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Laurie michael tagaloa video Brisbane:- 2 days ago accident happened on Brisbane metro station where a guy is been murdered by a 20 year old boy. It was like normal fight they are not all of them having weapon but when they arguing each other  20 year old boy lost his temper and hit Lauie Michael Tagaloa on neck with a knife. 

When he hit him with knife all the people and also boy run from that place but after sometime he arrested by the police and they put him in jail with murder charges.

Who’s is Lauie Michael Tagaloa?

Many people are curious who is Lauie Michael Tagaloa because it’s trending all over the internet so people want to find what actually happened but this is victim name who is killed on Brisbane metro station by 20 year old boy many people react on social Media.
A woman wrote a very lengthy post on Facebook where she said he is my brother, my best friend, my security guard one of my favourite people” paid tribute to the slain man.
She said this is one of the most hardest Goodbye’s I will have to say, she said “I can’t believe even I am writing this I don’t have the word for express my feelings you had my back since the day I met you. You help me and saved me many time.
The boy who murder Lauie Michael Tagaloa he is now in jail and we hope the justice will serve to his family. This is the only help for his family because when people dies they don’t come back and people who love him they live the rest of the life without him.

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