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Migos Rapper Takeoff Shot Video Dead at 28.

Takeoff Shot Video on Twitter | takeoff Shot dead video full on twitter.
image via Twitter/ Takeoff Shot dead video.

Migos Rapper Takeoff Shot Video is viral on social media. Takeoff is a American rapper he is group member of Migos rap group.

On Tuesday Takeoff shot Dead in Houston.He is 28 Year old.

According to Houston police 3 people shot in a private party one of them is Takeoff who is dead and other two were taken to hospital in private vehicle.

Rapper hip-hop community still try to forget PnB Rock accident which happen in September and now another one Takeoff is dead.

Everyone share their condolences on social media for Takeoff especially from his Hip-hop community they are in shock.

Takeoff start his Career from 2088 with his fellows Quavo and Offset. In 2013 “Versace” is going hit and viral and they are in LimeLight and after that in 2016 they release of their successful and hit “Bad and Boujee,”

Migos Rapper Takeoff Shot Video twitter

Takroff is member of TRI rap group Migos along with his uncle Quavo and Offset. They were in a private party on 2:30 when 3 people shot. One of them is Takeoff and other two victim unknown they were taken to hospital in private vehicle.

According to police someone Start shooting in the party and Takeoff is dead in this accident l. The video of this accident is viral on social media a video is trending on Twitter about Takeoff Shot dead.

we know you are here to watch the Takeoff video but this video has graphical content.we are not to share here but we you can watch it on twitter.

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