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NFL Playoff Picture: How Patriots’ Improved position greatly in Week 9.

NFL Playoff Picture: How Patriots' Improved position greatly in Week 9.
Image via Twitter credit- NFL

  The England Patriots improved their position within the AFC competition Race with a 24-6 triumph over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

The victory extended the Patriots’ winning streak to three games and raised them above .500 for the first time. Season 5-4. New England also advanced to the playoffs – the third wild card as No. 7 seed – with a victory, leaving the Cincinnati Bengals behind after losing to the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are behind the Patriots in the standings. Cleveland also has a 5-4 record but does not have a tiebreaker over New England. The Patriots will host the Browns next Sunday in a crucial Week 10 match for both teams at Gallet Stadium. 

The winner of this game will have a tiebreaker match. The Patriots have more than a wild card to chase. The AFC East title is suddenly a very realistic goal, thanks to the Buffalo Bills’ shock 9-6 defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon. 

The Bulls led the Patriots by just one-and-a-half games in the division race, and their opponents still have two match-ups on schedule (Week 13 in Buffalo, Week 16 in New England). Here’s a look at the latest AFC playoff picture after the Week 9 games. 

This article will be updated by Monday night as more games end.  

In the playoff spot 

1. Tennessee Titans, 7-2 (AFC South Leader) 

2. Baltimore Ravens, 6-2 (AFC North Leader) 

3. Los Angeles’s Charger’s , 5-3 (AFC West- Leader) 

4. Buffalo Bulls, 5-3 (AFC East Leader) 

5. Las Vegas Raiders, 5-3 (first wild card) 

6. Pittsburgh Steelers, 4-3 (second wild card) 

7. New England Patriots, 5- Bubble on 4 (Third Wild Card) 

8. Kansas City Chiefs, 5-4 

9. Cleveland Browns, 5-4 10. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-4 

11. Denver Broncos, 5-4 12. Indianapolis Colts, 4-5

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