Octavio Ocaña Death Video On Social Media gone viral

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Octavio Ocaña Death Video Viral On Social Media
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Octavio Ocaña Death Video microorganism On Social Media each wherever there hour been unhappy news concerning Ocana death Octavio Ocaña is an actor in North American country.

According to the North yank country press, it’s being declared that he was shot to death whereas he was creating a trial to flee from the police, he conquered the final public from the very begin of his debut inside the year 2004, Benito was the son of Frankie Rivers and Lorena Ruiz, the characters of Ana Bertha Espin and Cesar Bono has been contend severally by the actors.

Octavio Ocaña Death Video: A Groundbreaking Video

There is a video that appears to be current on internet, showing the minutes once the accident of the actor world organisation agency lost his life once a trial to his head, the video shows the moment throughout that municipal police of Cuautitlan Izcalli is at the scene of the incident, the actor world organisation agency was driving the van is seen conveyance his bloody mitt to the face,

One of the policemen is seeing enter the vehicle from the side of the co-pilot and he is seen liberal arts some maneuvers, there is a new defender world organisation agency approaches the driver’s window and is coverage one factor through his radio. some meters from the scene there unit of measurement four policemen, one altogether them is seen subduing the subject world organisation agency allegedly attended the actor.

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