PnB Rock Dead Cops Thinking it Might Not been Random Robbery

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PnB Rock is dead in a robbery attack he was with his girlfriend and some friends when he shot in the chest and the back.

On Monday when he went for lunch with his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang at Roscoe House of Chicken ‘N Waffle’s.

pnB Rock his real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen. He is 30 old rapper. First police think it’s a Robbery but now Los Angeles police said it looks like a pre plan murd*r find PnB location likely from his Instagram post.

He have a 2 Year old daughter he is father also. He also has another 8 Year old daughter her name is Milan. Visit for more information.

image via Twitter/ PnB Rock is dead in a restaurant during a robbery.

PnB Death is Not a Random Robbery: official said

PnB rock murder investigation started from the day of the accident but now police dig more about his past and LA police thinking this was not just a random robbery it is planned by his enemies.

LAPD said pnB Rock was with his family girlfriend and friends when a suspect came on location for robbery and when they hand over everything to attacker he attack only on PnB and shot him more than several times.

Is PnB Rock Girlfriend involve In his Execution?

if it’s a Robbery and thief get everything on gun point he can run away without any violence but he shot a PnB and now PnB Rock is dead.

some people have theory that his girlfriend involve in his execution because she shared their lunch location and after accident she delete that post but after legitimate source LAPD don’t believe his girlfriend had nothing to do with PnB murd*r.

LAPD investigate this accident they have suspect but no one knows who is he. LAPD Chief said we solve this case as soon as possible.

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