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Ronald Alimpa Car Accident Video With Two Other Artist.

Ronald Alimpa Car Accident video is trending on social media people try to find her video.

Ronald Alimpa is with other two friends and unfortunately a accident happened in their journey. Alimpa survive this accident but Grace Nakyanzi didn’t survive she is dead. Alimpa and Ragga fire taken to hospital they are having serious injuries.

Grace Nakyanzi also known as Lady Grace Layira. she didn’t survive as per reports. This is happenin Nakaseke, Uganda.

Police issue a statement that doctor all drawing their best to save their lives they are in very critical condition”.

Ronald Alimpa Car Accident video full.
Ronald Alimpa Car Accident video.

Who is Ronald Alimpa lusuku Lwa?

Ronald Alimpa born in Uganda he is 28 year old is Rising star singer started his professional music career in 2018.

He collaborated with some of the most famous singers in Uganda. He recorded some very famous songs in 2022 like “Seen Don”, Mazzi Ga Bore, Onkumye, Kabaka Antumye and many more in the list.

Who is Lady Grace ?

Lady Grace Nakyanzi is very well known band artist in Uganda. she died in a car accident that happen some days before with Alimpa.

She joined music industry 5 Year ago and working with many legendary musician. She was died on 29th September in honesty car accident with three other artists.

Ronald Alimpa and Lady Grace car Accident Explain.

Ronald Alimpa is a very well known Music artist who is injured in a car accident on 29 September but not only one in the car there are Two more people in the car lady Grace Nakyanzi and Ragga fire.

Lady Grace didn’t survive and Dead on spot Ronald Alimpa is now in hospital but she is in critical condition.

Reports said they are going for a Music Concert and driver rush the car to reach on venue on time and when he try to avoid path holes he lost control and this accident happened.


People reaction on Alimpa and Lady Grace car Accident

people’s try find Ronald Alimpa Car Accident video on all over social media we can’t provide you video but you can watch it on twitter and other social media platforms.

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