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Samsung S23 ultra release date in Uae.

Samsung S23 ultra release date in Uae.

Samsung S23 ultra release date in Uae.
Image from Google. Samsung s23 ultra look.

So on new megapixel war is coming early. Samsung S23 ultra release date in Uae.Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra with a 200 megapixel camera sensor the official debut is expected in 2023.

Samsung electronics introduced the world’s 1st 200 megapixel iso cell SP1 module in a sensor last year.


As expected the new 2023 Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra Wilder which according to informants will unleash a new war of megapixels.

The network has already begun to accumulate details about the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra this time Other models of the future line will receive a 108 megapixel models this is hard to believe as ultra has already installed it for its camera.

according to the lakes that Galaxy S23 ultra custom plan to abandon the stylus it will be built into the body in other words the Galaxy note 3 is unlikely to be revived at least by next year that’s it for now keep vist our site.

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