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Sanna Marin Party Video And Photos Viral On Twitter.

Sanna Marin Party Video And Photos Viral On Twitter.

Sanna Marin Party Video And Photos Viral On Twitter.
Sanna Marin Party Video

Sanna Marin Party Video And Photos Viral On Twitter:- These days a lot of politicians are under the media criticism and today also got another one the Finland prime Minister Sanna Marin. 

A video of Sanna Marin gone viral on all over the internet when she is in a party. 

Is politicians are prime minister don’t have any rights for their enjoyment there also humans in they need rest but many people come on front and criticizing Sanna Marin.

This is all happen when Sanna Marin Finland prime Minister is in a private party where she dancing but someone record her video and posted on social media. 

She is accused for doing a party and taking the drugs. When Sanna Marin party video leaked on social media a lot of women share videos of themselves partying and dancing and show the support to Prime Minister. 

A lot of people start #solidaritywithsanna train on Twitter to support Sanna Marin when people was criticize her on having fun in a private room in a Club.

Who is Sanna Marin how she started her career in politics?

Sanna Mirella Marin is a Finnish politician who has served as the prime minister of Finland since 2019.  She is member of Finland Social Democratic Party. She is member of parliament since 2015 and after this success now she is Prime Minister of Finland.

She is the youngest prime Minister in Finland history. She appointed as prime minister after Antti Rinne resigned because of his Scandal

After the allegation on Sanna Marin for drugs using in this party is party requested to Sanna submit a drugs test report and make it public. 

On Thursday morning Sanna Marin denied all the claimed about drug using she said ” Nothing to hide or cover up I dance, sing some songs with my friends and everything I done it’s under the law.

She was also in trouble when she tested positive for Corona virus in December because she is going out that night and when she go for PCR the report shows its positive.

She also said about who post her video she said I think this video is for private they would not made public but what I shame that they have been released to the public.

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