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Slim 400 Shooting Camera Captured on Death Video CCTV Footage Explained:

Capture Slim 400 shooting camera in CCTV footage of the video of the death explains something like this: 

Slim 400 Shooting Camera Captured on Death Video CCTV Footage Explained:
Image via OnSceneTV

At the moment, the horrible video has caused a stir and everyone watching this video is laughing happily. 
According to recent reports, the famous rapper was killed in a shooting which caused deep sorrow to his fans. According to a recent Los Angeles Times report, 

Rapper Slim 400 Wikipedia was shot dead in Inglewood on Wednesday night.

According to the report, Slim was ambushed 400 times as he was sitting in the hallway in a state of shock and fired several shots. Netizens are watching the video again and again and trying to get all the details about this deadly shooting. 
The Inglewood Police Department said Thursday that a video of the Slim 400 camera showing the death occurred at about 7:50 p.m., on Block 8600, 7th Avenue. Police identified the victim as Slim 400, whose real name was Vincent Kohran. 
Police patrolling the area heard gunshots and found the injured musician lying on the ground. Paramedics treated Slim 400 before the Los Angeles County Fire Department admitted him to a local hospital for intensive care. 
He was pronounced dead at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Inglewood police are currently investigating the case, gathering evidence and releasing witnesses for further investigation. 

Slim 400 shot death video CCTV footage TMZ reported:-

That the rapper was 33 years old at the time of the first death, but police later said he was 34 years old. Following the deadly shooting, law enforcement sources claimed that a video of the Slim 400 attack had surfaced on the Internet. 
In the viral video, viewers can see the suspect walking down the aisle with a gun in his hand. , And went to the driver and the rapper sat down. 
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Shots were fired as the musician was walking down the street with the gunman. 
According to sources, Englwood PD responded to the call of bullets fired on Wednesday night and found Saleem in critical condition on the road. However, he was not arrested on murder charges.

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