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South Korea Stampede Twitter 2022 video | 149 People are Died.

Yesterday a accident happened in South Korea Stampede Halloween party many people are died. This is trending in news and also on social media because people want to watch video of this accident so everybody searching about this video.

Thousand of people are present in this event. After COVID-19 people in South Korea celebrate their first Halloween party after pandemic but people’s gone crazy and in result of 149 people’s are died and many more injured.

South Korea Stampede Twitter video 2022 | south Korea Halloween party stamped video on Twitter download.
Image via Twitter / south Korea Stampede Twitter video 2022.

Most of them are teenager who died in this rush and authorities said that 60 more people hurt and some of them in emergency.

South Korea Stampede Twitter video 2022 – Explain

A accident happened in South Korea in Halloween party hundreds of people’s were crush by other people’s.

we know in big countries many stamped accident are happen in parties and Events but in south Korea this is different almost 150 people’s crush by other people whose in the party.

This is First Halloween party Celebration after the COVID-19. This accident video is goes viral on social media most of the video we can see rescue workers try to help these people.

Police official said this accident probably cause because of route which is to narrow and crowed is very big many people died and hurt and unconscious.

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