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steelers vs bears, Boswell’s late field goal lifts Steelers past Bears 29-27

Image via Twitter credit- NFL

Bears buried with flags at the loss of steelers. “It simply came to our notice then. The Bears were taking the ball back, down to the field goal, with 3:16 to play. Outside linebacker Cassius Marsh, who was signed just last week, fired Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlesburger at the bottom of the third in Heinzfield on Monday night. 

Marsh, a veteran who has played for eight teams since 2014, celebrated his regular sack – a spinning heel kick – and then ran towards it, posting in a way that made me think it was a joke. The Steelers bench, referee Tony Corrente said in a poll report. 

Corinthian called for a mockery of Marsh, who has been a force to be reckoned with throughout the league this season. He said it was only because he pointed to the bench. “I think it was a bad time,” Marsh said after the game. “It was very clear to everyone who saw that I was not joking.” Marsh was angry that Corinthian “hip-checked” him as he ran off the field after the sack. 

He thought it was a coincidence at the time, but ever since he saw a video that made him think again. He said it was “incredibly inappropriate” and that “it was unfair that he was able to do so without any consequences.” Corrente said he had “nothing to do with the flag” in whatever connection he had with Marsh. 
Instead of painting on what would have been the fourth and 15th of their own 46, the Steelers went down for the first time with a three-point lead. After four plays, Chris Boswell kicked a 52-yard field goal to give the Steelers a 6:56 lead. The Bears will compete with Touchdown, and the Steelers will score a field goal. 
The final score of 29-27 meant a field goal – vs. Steelers Painting – was the difference in the game. Marsh’s penalty was the Bears’ 11th, totaling 110 yards. He scored 12 runs for 115 yards. The Steelers then had two for 15 yards – and finished with five for 30 yards. It raises the wrong kind of questions for a franchise that has lost its fourth straight game: Does the Bears’ lack of discipline show up on head coach Matt Nagy, whose job is on the line this season or the player, Which, due to be the oldest team in the NFL at the start of the season, should know better whatever the answer is This is unacceptable. 
On national television, the Bears were finally interesting – but for all the wrong reasons. “It’s a little disappointing,” said recipient Darnell Mooney. “Some [fines], you can see for yourself, it’s like, ‘why'” That’s a great question. As the Bears coaches review themselves during the weekend, this is one of the many issues they need to address. The humor soon began. 
After the Steelers took a 7-0 lead on their first drive, the Bears called left-tackle Jason Peters the wrong start, followed by a timeout, and then an illegal formation. The price of flags bears points. When quarterback Justin Fields threw a 1-yard pass to Jimmy Graham in the third quarter, guard James Daniels was flagged for an illegal block below the waist. Instead of scoring, the Bears trailed 15 yards. After two plays, they had to settle for a field goal. 
On defense, the Bears intercepted a pass on the Steelers touchdown – cornerback Kendall Waldor was hard hit when he caught a 10 yard touchdown in the third quarter. The same violation was responsible for almost one Steelers scoring drive in the last frame. Jaylon Johnson’s 30-yard pass interface includes all but nine yards of the Steelers’ scoring drive that resulted in Boswell’s 54-yard field goal. 
On the Steelers’ last possession – which resulted in a Boswell 40-yard Boswell field goal in 30 seconds – Robert Quinn stood off the sidelines for the second time in the game. In the next play, fellow bear outside linebacker Travis Gippson did the same. But Marsh’s mockery was nothing more than a fine. Instead of flagging off for being too aggressive, or being too eager before the snap, Marsh blamed the commission. 
He stared at the sideline when it didn’t help the bears. In the night of mistakes, it was the kick of the heel rotating on the intestine. “It’s useless,” said Rokan Smith, an inside-line baker. “We just have to get rid of them. Impress ourselves. I thought it was B.S. Call [Marsh] has been celebrating it all his career.

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