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Text message between Vikings Dalvin Cook and ex girlfriend who filed complaint against him from November 2020 incident.

Minnesota Vikings professional Bowl agent Dalvin Cook says he’s a victim of domestic.

ESPN initial reported that Dalvin Cook’s agent, Zack Heller, aforementioned on Tues that the case was still unfinished. 
Heller told professional soccer speak that a person stone-broke into Dalvin Cook’s residence a couple of year past and a lady, UN agency is within the U.S. military, attacked Cook whereas he was with a guest.
Hiller told ESPN that the lady used a taken garage door opener to enter the house and sprayed pepper into Cook’s eyes as he entered.
The man then allegedly tried to extort cash from Cook for various bucks, amid claims that he had been blistered throughout the run-in. No charges are filed within the incident. Later Tues, The urban center Star-Tribune reported that the girl, known as 29-year-old Gracelyn Trimble, sued Cook, alleging assault, battery and imprisonment. in step with the newspaper, the 2 were in a very relationship once more, once again, and once Trimble visited finish the link in Gopher State last November, he grabbed the pad as he entered the garage. 
Tremble says Cook was angry at her refusal to assist pack her things and “grabbed her arm, and adorned her whole body on the couch, touching her face on the cocktail table and that we believe that a full revealing of the facts can show that adult male. Cook did nothing wrong which the sergeant wasn’t blistered. 
Trimble should have maintained the evening that was Sergeant’s result. Trimble’s own outlawed behavior, “Cook’s lawyer David Valentini wrote in a very statement.

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