The function of the Supreme Court is not the Panchayat, it is to make decisions according to the Constitution and the law: Prime Minister

Prime minister said all the collation parties decide to conduct election on one Day.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif has said that mediation and panchayat are not the work of the Supreme Court but to make decisions according to the constitution and law.

Addressing the coalition meeting at the Prime Minister’s House on Wednesday, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that the coalition parties agreed that the general elections should be held at their scheduled time.

He said that the Parliament had reservations about the actions of the three-member bench of the Supreme Court and the Parliament did not accept it.

Arbitration and Panchayat are not their job, their job is to give decisions according to law and constitution. Therefore, there is a complete consensus among the coalition parties that elections should be held one day and when they should be held, that the elections will be held in November.

He said that the decisions taken by the Parliament should be respected. The Prime Minister said that there is an opinion about dialogue that the path of dialogue should not be blocked.

The function of the Supreme Court is not the Panchayat, it is to make decisions according to the Constitution and the law: Prime Minister
Government cabinet session with all collation partners.

“There is also an opinion that the speaker of the National Assembly should convey to him and the parliamentary committee can make room for it so that the nation can know that the leadership of this coalition government has made its last effort that the same Everyone should come together on the date of election.’

He said that the PTI leadership exploited the country’s challenges instead of giving suggestions to solve them.The Prime Minister further said that the Parliament will also decide on the funding for the election.

According to the Prime Minister, the allies agree that the term of the parliament should end on August 13. October or November is the date for the election.

He said in his address that ‘Yesterday the same bench has asked for an answer regarding the provision of funds for the election, the decisions given by the Supreme Court before that were dealt with by the Parliament and even today I think that the Parliament The decisions that have been given and the resolutions that have been passed will also be brought before the Parliament.

The Prime Minister said that there are three or four issues in front of us on which the Parliament has given its decision and now again since we were told that you have to answer tomorrow, the Parliament has to decide it now.

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