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The Truth about Former NFL player Brendan Langley Fight with worker of united Airlines video.

Former NFL player Brendan Langley Fight with worker of united Airlines video.

Image for video screenshot/ Langley
 Fight with united Airline worker full video

Today a fight happen on Airport between a former NFL Player and United airline worker this was very shocking video according to reports authorities investigate this unfortunate event that how exactly happen this between Brendan Langley and a worker of United airline.
The reason of the fight is that Brendan Langley the former NFL player use the wheel chair for his luggage carrying  this United airline worker said please sir don’t use the wheelchair for the luggage and that the point where they argued which each other.
After this incident the employee is fired from his job and NFL player arrested with simple assault charges this was all happen at Newark Liberty International Airport. Authority tells that the passenger is arrested but as we can see in first viral video he didn’t fight first. Employee started everything but employee did not arrested by the police. But this is not truth there is twist every one just shared the second part of the video.
Brendan Langley and employee of
united Airlines brawl with each other.
 Worker fall on ground and trying for stand up.

Brendan Langley Full Video Truth

Interesting thing that is the half truth there is a another video on Twitter where we can see these two are Fighting before that slap. If we see the full video Brendan Langley try to hit this worker before these things are started and he hit and assault the worker first and then he react that the reason please arrested only Brendan Langley for assault because he is the first who hit the worker and start all this mess that is the other part of this video whose nobody discuss about that.
Witnesses tell that these two people are arguing on something and then worker came up and try to push but he slap on passenger face and then this NFL player hit him very very hard and he fell on the ground. We can also see in the video that a man says stop please stop don’t do that but these to didn’t stop and after that that will happen.
But interesting part of this news is when Brendan Langley hit that worker and he fell down on ground and he is trying to get up but we can seen in the video that he is clearly dazed and injured but he stand up again and we can hear that Brendan said you want more and their is end of the video.

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