Tiffany Gomas Tells Inside Edition About A Arazy Plane Viral Video.

Tiffany Gomas viral video as Crazy lady in plane.

The Viral clip of Tiffany Gomas Inside a plane where she went crazy. Tiffany Gomas is called “Crazy plane lady” after a epic meltdown on plane.

A flight is going from Dallas to Orlando, Florida and Tiffany Gomas was also on that flight. A video is Viral from that plane where we can see Tiffany Gomas stormed to the front of the plane just moment before takeoff.

Even she is Viral all over the world and Everyone criticize her on her miss behavior but didn’t care about it. She said she more focusing on her real estate venture and marketing.

Speaking on a podcast, Tiffany said the reason behind her outburst was a argument with a fellow passing that spiraled out of control.

She said on the podcast of “Big Cat” and “PFT Commenter” ” you know the reason I probably Haven’t come out yet, cause it’s like Cringe – I did not see anything”.

” So I got ina a bit of altercation. It spiraled out of control. It was not my best moment. It’s absolutely mortifying” She said.

Tiffany said more than 450+ million people seen it”, she was talking about her video in the plane and she said thanks God people don’t think it’s me and I am happy with that.

Big cat question her that why she said a person on plane wasn’t real what do you mean by Not Real. We seen in the video where she said this mother — isn’t real.

She said it was just an expression of speech and end of an argument.

So Big cat asked from Tiffany ” it was just like that, you had a argument with some guy on the plane and then as you are leaving you are like That mother– isn’t real”.

Tiffany Gomas out of control

A video is gone Viral on social media about a Crazy lady on plane. Nobody suspect on that time that she is Tiffany Gomas but after some time people start to reacting at it and when tell this story on Big Cat podcast it went more Viral.

It was just a normal argument but the interesting thing is when she said to a guy that mother — isn’t real everyone start laughing that is there an alien if that per wasn’t realm

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