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Top 10 Best Netflix Series Tv shows on Netflix.

Today we are listing the Top 10 best Netflix series. These are the most interesting Tv Shows on Netflix.

Today we are listing the Top 10 best Netflix series. These are the most interesting Tv Shows on Netflix
Image via Twitter a Netflix series Sky Rojo.

Top 10 best Netflix series.

10:- Shadow and bone

This series based on the book with the same name shadow and bone premiere on April 23rd 21 it belongs to the young adult fantasy adventure general. The world of shadow and bone is divided by a barrier of darkness inhabited by monsters creatures however a young girl has discovered that she has the power of light which can destroy the darkness but the problem is insult.
She must still learn to control her power and escape dangerous enemies who don’t want the darkness to end it has an 88% score on rock tomatoes but if you think the critics are pouring metrics it also got an 89% from the audience what’s the star’s Jessie may and actress who wrote the same things to the theater and Archie Renault who yells the Marvel movie morbius are you I you assure this series will draw you from the 1st Episode.

9:- Pretend it’s a city

This Netflix season is a social critique full of intellectual humor by friend legal with Martin Scorsese what’s it about well and each episode Frank talks about everything she likes but especially what she doesn’t like about New York City have you ever thought about how wild the city you live in can be people plumbing into you not walking in the crosswalk you can even stop for a smoke because someone’s already asking you for directions friendly but witnesses points of view as unique it’ll inspire you to get out of your house and see your city differently unless you live in new york in which case it’ll make you want to move with a 91% score from rotten tomatoes at 75% from the audience this is pure culture and humor.

8:- Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo will make you feel danger intention at all times 3 prostitutes attack to their pimp because he mistreated them and decided to flee thinking they had killed him however now they have to live with eyes on the back of their heads as the mafia is afternoon and to make matters worse their ex pimp is still alive this series will make you jump out of your seat every 5 minutes.
It’s got 92% on rotten tomatoes and the audience gave it a 75%.

7:- Tribes of Europa 

The highly successful series Dark this new German production brings you a question Technology stopped working sending the world back to the middle ages so in the year 2074 the European countries have ceased to exist and humanity lives in tribes constantly fighting over territory amid all this disaster some siblings have found a mysterious cube that seems to be very important for some tribal leaders and they’ll be persecuted for it Oliver masucci is part of the cast and actor you surely seen in the series dark as well as actress Henriette conference who’s also quite well known in Europe. Tribes of Europa has a 92% score on rotten tomatoes and 78% from the audience.

6:- Squid game

Squid game 111 million views in 1st 17 days this is record it’s also disturbing that so many people like this kind of stuff here’s a super synopsis the group of people whose lives are ruined due to rather serious financial problems have been gathered on an island where they’ll participate in several deadly games in the hope of winning a big cash prize and yes the deaths are very violent.
The squid game has a 92% score on rotten tomatoes and 85% from the audience this Netflix series came to break it at 2021. 

5:- Waffles and Mochi 

waffles and mochi is about 2 very nice puppets called waffle and mochi you wanna become the chef it’s actually a journey exploring the gastronomy of different countries such as Peru, Italy, Japan and many more it’s hosted by Michelle Obama herself and features appearances by several of your favorite stars did you like stranger things well gate and modern ozo appears in this series do you like comedy movies the great Jack black is here too if you want to know what other guests they’re hiding you’ll have to watch the series the audience loved it with a 75% score.

4:- lupin 

Many of people like series with elegant settings full of mystery and works of art then lupin is the series for you before telling you what it’s all about you need to know it as a 97% score from rotten tomatoes critics and 77% from the audience the story is about a guy named a Saint whose father worked for a rich guy named pelagrini.


This rich man falsely accused the same father of stealing a very valuable necklace for which he ended up in prison and committed suicide at jail a scene knows everything so as an adult he wants to take revenge by stealing Pellegrini’s necklace and exposing a series of crimes he has committed it stars Omar sigh a French actor quite well known in Europe who if his name doesn’t bring a bell is the one who appeared in Jurassic world.

 3:- Maid

This drama of a young single mother who must make ends meet by working as a cleaner to survive since she ran away from her husband who was too violent after watching maid you’ll know a side of life that will make you realize that sitting and bending on Netflix is paradise.

2:- Sweet tooth 

 Robert Downey Jr. decided to produce sweet tooth this series is based on a DC comic book which makes it even more interesting that iron man himself produced it sweet tooth is about a world where children with animal features have been born there are people who despise these children and want to eliminate them that’s precisely when gossip years a little boy with dear amlers who just wants to be happy and survive. 
This Netflix series scored 98% on rotten tomatoes and 88 Percent from the audience making it perhaps the best thing Netflix has ever done.

1:- Amend: Fight for America

Fight for America rotten tomatoes gave this series a perfect score 100% when the audience and 85% what exactly is a man the fight for America hosted by Will Smith and featuring big stars like Samuel L. Jackson this documentary series is more of a social reflection what is it to be a citizen in the United States it’s difficult to answer even today since there’s so much injustice and inequality in society Now imagine what it was like to ask yourself the same question 300 years ago amend the fight for America explores historical and biographical passages of different well known figures where you can witness and explore the Gray side of the American dream you may not like documentary series but due to its good pace production quality and harmonious message this one will leave a mark entertaining you for a while quite simply the best Netflix series to offer I’m watching sweet tooth which ones did you choose tell me in the comments.

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