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Trevor Noah reaction on Kanye west’s Instagram post.

Trevor Noah reaction on Kanye west’s Instagram post.

Earlier, on August 20th, rapper Kanye West’s official profile picture with his name would have been posted on the social media platform by him and rapper Drake. However, Kanye had tweeted out that he had deleted all of those tweets and pictures of himself from January 2020.
 According to a report by The Guardian, Kanye said to be unfollowing them because they don’t agree with things he says on Twitter. He added that it was “tired of being controversial and getting into trouble. Enough is enough. And if somebody has got issues then get the f— up out of my life.” But, for one reason or another, these celebrities were not able to delete their accounts. They chose to continue using twitter. 
That’s why after almost two months to tweet out every new thing new, Kanye’s account is still showing online and can’t be deleted. There have been a number of posts in the past few days written about Kanye’s controversies and tweets. One of such was by British comedian Roddy Ricch, who in an interview called Kanye the most popular man in America.
 Roddy called Kanye his favourite American artist and said that the rap superstar was creating art on a daily basis with no limitations. “He’s so prolific. He just doesn’t follow anybody else. If you look at anybody else on today’s TV screens there is usually somebody that doesn’t get as much adulation as him. So, I think that’s probably fair.” In addition to this his comments on Kanye’s tweets are also quoted.
 Here is what Roddy Ricch had to say about Kanye West: “I think Kanye West has some wonderful songs, but I think Kanye needs to focus more on making music in the genre which feels like something that’s going to be relevant 20 years from now. His albums haven’t been that great. 
This whole album is just a bit boring. It’s not really interesting. People love that music. You know, I love that Kanye West, but when it comes to me I kind of feel like Kanye needs to go back to being a record producer and maybe even a singer and grow his hair. Because, let’s face it, a lot of people actually feel like Kanye needs less attention. It’s like, oh, I want him to be famous now. How many of us do? We all want him being famous. A lot of us are very disappointed in him for that.”
The next day, the post remained visible in Kanye West’s Facebook fan page and Instagram.

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