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Update:- Damar Hamlin recovering he Open his eyes.

Damar Hamlin recovering he Open his eyes and even hold the hand of those who close tho him. Damar Hamlin showing remarkable improvement and he is recovering very fast.

The official statement of Buffalo Bills ” Damar Hamlin showing remarkable improvement for last day he is doing very good but he is still “critical ill” he will recover but it’s a steady proces”.

Damar Hamlin update he is recovering he open his eyes.
Image via Twitter – Damar Hamlin recovering he opens his eyes.

Damar 24 year old NFL player who’s been injur on Monday night on the field and hospitalized in ICU from last 72 hours showing some improvement.

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Damar Hamlin still in critical condition after collapsing on-field

Update on Damar Hamlin Condition He is dead or not.

His physicians said that Damar is recovering very fast but he is still in critical situation he apparently appears to be neurologically intact.

Damar uncle said his lungs injured during the medical emergency, but according to doctors they are healing.

President Biden also meet Damar Hamlin mother and father. Biden said he doesn’t think the NFL has become too violent. “I think working on the helmets, the concussion protocols, that makes a lot of sense.”

Damar Hamlin social media team also keep posting about his situation and we also keep posting if we get any new updates on Damar Hamlin health.

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