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video Against the Prior Lake High School Student – Police investigating.

 video Against the Prior Lake High School Student  – Police investigation.

Prior Lake high school student targeted in the video.

speaks out as a community in the south metro is on edge this week because of a viral video showing a student at Prior Lake High School using the inappropriate word.

student at Prior Lake High School, subsequently came forward as the target of the video. 
Her sister, Elizabeth Sigin, a senior at the high school, posted on Instagram about the video on Wednesday.
“I’m at a loss of words for what they’ve done,” Prior Lake High School freshman Nya Sigin told on Wednesday.
Nya says she is grateful for a flow of support from classmates, but she wants the school to take action against those involved.
“Nobody is going to forget what this girl said about my sister,” Nya’s sister and Prior Lake senior Elizabeth Sigin said.
The conflict started after Elizabeth and Nya say a girl at the school recorded a disturbing video attacking a pillow with some in appropriate word written on it.
Prior Lake High School racist video: Support for Nya Sigin.
Students and activists gathered at Prior Lake High School Thursday afternoon to demand justice for a student who was the subject of a video posted by her classmate.
The rally gathered outside the school shortly after classes ended for the day. School leaders had cancelled classes early on Thursday, ahead of the protest, citing safety concerns.
Students say the viral video isn’t an isolated incident. They are calling on the school district to penalize the two students involved in the video so they can feel safe at school.
A Livestream from the protest showed a crowd of students, some holding signs, outside the high school before 1 p.m. dancing to music to show their support for Nya, demand the students involved in the video be disciplined, and encouraging people to call out others.
After the sisters drew attention to that video, they say more videos were made, this time directed at them. 

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