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Video of Kamala Harris Speaking With ‘French Accent’ Viewed Over 1 Million Times.

Film of Vice President Kamala Harris talking with what has been depicted as a French pronunciation has been seen more than 1 million times on Twitter. 

Harris is on a four-day visit to France and offered comments on Tuesday, where American and French researchers are dealing with COVID-19. A portion of these remarks have now circulated around the web.
The VP was proposing that legislators should act more like researchers and those in government can be excessively fixed on sticking to the script,” “yet her articulation seemed to change as she accentuated specific words. 

“A hypothesisit’s thoroughly examined, it’s very much arranged. They begin with a theory and afterward they test it out knowing constantly, you’re taking a stab at something interestingly, there will be errors, there will be botches,” she continued. 
Harris then, at that point, utilized what many have depicted as a French pronunciation while saying “The Plan” and “Guard The Plan.” 
The VP said: “In government, we crusade with ‘The Plan.’ Uppercase T, capitalized P’The Plan!’ And then, at that point, the climate is such we’re relied upon to shield ‘The Plan’ in any event, when whenever we first carry it out there might be a few errors and it’s an ideal opportunity to reconsider and afterward rehash it.”

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