viral video pack Lucas Paquetá, midfielder of the Brazilian team

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viral video pack Lucas Paquetá, midfielder of the Brazilian team
Image via Twitter

Midfielder for the Brazilian team and urban center, movie maker Paquetá appeared among the foremost talked regarding topics on social networks this Tues, once the infectious agent of AN intimate video that was attributed by net users to the player.

The images that circulated square measure from 2018, once Paquetá defended the video.

So far, movie maker Paquetá has not commented on this. The midfielder focuses on the Brazilian team, in San Juan, wherever Brazil – already qualified for the 2022 tourney – can face Argentina for the thirteenth spherical of the South yank Qualifiers.
Lucas Tolentino Coelho First State capital of Peru (Brazilian Portuguese; born August twenty seven, 1997), or Paqueta for brief, could be a Brazilian sport player WHO plays as AN offensive midfielder and plays for Ligue one urban center and also the Brazilian national team. In 2007, 10-year-old movie maker Paquetá came to Flamenco.
At the age of fifteen, he’s complete, however doesn’t have the shape of different players of a similar age. However, by the age of eighteen, he had grownup twenty seven centimeters taller. underneath the leadership of the flamengo youth team, he won the 2016 metropolis youth team championship, that is that the most significant youth championship in Brazil.
along side different outstanding players Leo Duarte, Felipe Vizeu and Ronaldo, movie maker was promoted to the club’s skilled team instantly once the sport.
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