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Watch full Video of Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Thirsting Over Leonardo DiCaprio Viewed 8M Times

A video of Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriendfriend Lauren sanchez  thirsting over old master DiCaprio has gone infective agent.
information anchor Lauren sanchez and therefore the Amazon founder had been chemical analysis considering 2019, when Bezos chop up from his relative of twenty five years, Mackenzie Scott.

but DiCaprio has valid he is notwithstanding one amongst Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs, with sanchez visibly in love once they met in brief at a happening over the weekend.
Sanchez, fifty one, become attending tenth Annual la County depository of design (LACMA) design and film Gala given via Gucci at the side of her boyfriend—one of the richest men among the world—once they saw the once Upon A Time in Hollywood actor on the pink carpet.
The news anchor’s reaction to meeting DiCaprio has been successful on-line and a clip announce to Twitter by victimisation @2cooI2blog has been viewed additional than eight million instances on the time of business.
The weird and rather awkward second has brought on a wave of memes as individuals gag roughly Glen Gebhard thirsting over the actor at identical time as her companion is standing right beside her.
“Sis walked in with the richest guy on the planet and risked it all while she got following old master,” reads one infective agent tweet.
The infective agent second comes days when the rich person spoke at COP26, wherever he same that his journey to area persuaded him to try and do a lot of to stay the earth from close to|approaching|coming|coming on|drawing near|drawing close|forthcoming|imminent|impending|looming} near temperature change catastrophes.
“i was conversant that seeing the planet from area changes the lens from that you read the arena. but i used to be not ready for merely however a decent deal which may be real,” Bezos expressed.

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