Where Is Pawnix Headphones Today?

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Business person Kirsten Brand expected a groundbreaking venture from the Sharks when she introduced Pawnix on Season 13 Episode 15 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’ The issue of clearly clamors frightening and freezing canines is something pet people have battled 100% of the time with.

Nonetheless, Kristen seemed to track down an answer by basically forming the idea of clamor dropping earphones into an interesting headwear for canines. The item appeared to be very intriguing, making us need to investigate the organization. All things considered, this is what we found out.

Pawnix: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Kristen Brand finished her advanced degree from Michigan State University prior to taking up a task in Design and Manufacturing at Cactus Corrugated Containers. She even stood firm on the footing of a Carton Design Specialist and Sr Structural Designer at Graphic Packaging International and has over eight years of involvement working in the bundling office for Mars Petcare US.
Being a creature sweetheart, Kristen is exceptionally enamored with her canine. In any case, her canine has been frightened 100% of the time of clearly commotions and once even dashed during a firecracker show. Albeit the canine was fortunately safeguarded, the issue got Kristen thinking, and she was amazed to observe that there weren’t any arrangements promptly accessible.
Energized at having hit upon an answer, Kristen went through various models prior to concocting her own variation. Pawnix is headwear made particularly for canines with commotion abrogation earphones worked in. Utilization is additionally very simple as one simply needs to slide the gadget over the canine’s head prior to turning it on.

Where Could Pawnix Now be?

In spite of the fact that Kristen began Pawnix back in 2017, she started searching effectively for financial backers in 2020 and sent off a Kickstarted crusade. Tragically, the mission missed the mark concerning its objective, yet she raised north of several thousand dollars on Indiegogo.
Upon its delivery, Pawnix became very well known, and Kristen even headed out to set up spring up corners at various areas expecting to get the message out and expand her client base. As of now, Pawnix has a seriously significant following via web-based media, and the organization highly esteems collecting each item by hand inside the United States.
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