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Who is itzlune_ on Twitter and Instagram – The man filmed while dancing on top of Emergency vehicles during Astroworld Festival tragedy.


Image via Twitter

Twitter and Instagram consumer “itzlune_”, real name Daniel Vargas, become filmed dancing on pinnacle of an emergency vehicle, delaying rescue services throughout the Astroworld competition incident, killing 8 humans and injuring a dozen.

 greater than a dozen human beings had been injured. the man on Twitter and Instagram is recognized as Daniel Anthony Vargas, who changed into filmed dancing on emergency cars at some stage in the Astro world competition tragedy. 

Itzlune_ has deactivated its Twitter and Instagram accounts following outrage on social media, however human beings want to recognise what they stated on their tweets and Instagram. we are able to give an explanation for who itzlune_ (Daniel Vargas) is and what’s the purpose for the anger towards him.  

What befell at some stage in Travis Scott’s Astro international competition at some stage in Travis Scott’s 2021 Astro international competition, at the least eight people have been mentioned useless and greater injured after a mob stormed the stage and wreaked havoc. even as the 29-year-old “Sco Mode” rapper, Travis Scott, performed in Houston, Texas on Friday, November five, the mob moved on and prompted a major twist of fate, “i’m devastated by means of what took place last night time. 

Prayers are for households and all those stricken by the wind on the Astro global festival. Houston PD has my full help as they overview the tragic loss of lifestyles. Lam for the recuperation and aid of households in need. Is devoted to running with the Houston community. Travis Scott wrote in a tweet on Saturday that a person identified as Daniel Vargas, who’s diagnosed as Daniel Vargas, is presently facing criticism and a backlash following a video of him dancing at the pinnacle.  

A picture of an emergency vehicle went viral at some point of the competition. 

Daniel Vargas turned into the usage of Twitter and Instagram with the username “Itzlune_” but now he Has disabled each of its social media accounts. however, her video, and screenshots of her tweets and Instagram posts are circulating on social media, and people are calling on Houston police to arrest her and release her to be killed at some stage in the Astro world pageant. Blame it on demise. 

The caption of the video reads: “humans had been sincerely leaping on protection personnel’s cars as they attempted to reach unconscious people within the crowd. This mess is ugly. study these weird human beings. thousands of people have reacted angrily, traumatic the police arrest them. Sharing a screenshot of the video, one person wrote on Twitter: “Houston logo! who’re those human beings have to be held accountable for preventing them from dancing on pinnacle of an emergency car that turned into going to assist the useless ^ ~ ^ injured Astroworld concertgoers! Retweet them so they may be located! ASTROWORLDFest @ houstonpolice.

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