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Who Is Seth Dubois, Why was Shreveport Teacher Arrested? Explained

Who Is Seth Dubois, Why was Shreveport Teacher Arrested? Explained
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Who is Seth Dubois, a teacher from Louisiana He was working as a teacher at Captain Xavier High School in Kadu Parish when he was arrested by the department.

 Since the news broke on social media, many reactions surrounded his social media identifier, as everyone wants to know the details behind the case. 
Because whenever something becomes fashionable, it also arouses the curiosity of consumers. According to reports or special sources, the state police launched an investigation in March 2021 after receiving a complaint about Seth. 
It is said that he shared inappropriate images and spoke with someone. Many reports state a different story due to consumers not getting the correct truth. As the investigation progresses, many unknown facts come to light that are quite shocking and thus it has become a success. 

Who is Seth Dubois ?

Seth Dubois, 38, is a former Caddo parish teacher, but he also has a criminal record before joining the teaching profession. But even so, he has not made anyone realize all the things that have been wrought in the past. 
He has often been active on Twitter, and some reports say that he was a professor of physics and mathematics. He also sponsored the animation club and the drama club. But this time he is in a controversy over his inappropriate activities and he is currently serving his sentence behind bars. 
Seth Dobos is said to have been arrested on charges of submitting inappropriate photos . He was arrested at his residence. His story was reviewed in the television series, which aired on November 2, 2021.he confessed everything, by virtue of which has been taken into custody, so that he can obtain punishment for these criminal activities. 

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