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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Joins the Dutton Ranch in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 trailer episode 1.


The Yellowstone “two-hour season 4 premiered. The Dutton family may have survived an attack at the end of the third season of” Yellowstone “, but it looks like the war is just beginning and the first episode of Season 4.  

The two-hour premiere of Season 4 began with the finale of Season 3’s finale, John (Kevin Costner) being taken to hospital for a gunshot wound, Beth (Kelly) Riley) was wounded and bloody and temporarily unable to hear. Still ready to light a cigarette – when a box exploded in front of him, and Kais (Luke Grimes) is firing back at those who have their guns.  

Most of the first hour (titled “Half the Money”) was focused on lifting Dutton’s legs under his feet, especially John, who was in the home seat from the hospital. 

Not happy to go upstairs, had to match the machines and be careful. The rest will be provided by the hospital. Whose office I broke in, threw away my childhood belongings and threatened to kill her, believing that she was the one who attacked her. 

The other (however, the case was not sure.) However, at the end of this episode, Roarke was alone, fishing, when Rip (Coalhauser) approached him with a cooler and asked if It’s his Although Roarke didn’t say, Rip approached, insisted, and then opened it, throwing the material – a rattlesnake – at Roarke.  

It was aggravated by the shaking of the cooler and Rourke was “found” on the face. (While heading to the premiere of Season 4, Holloway secretly teased that his character would get “his”, and that was his payoff.) Roark ran into the woods, but to no avail. Was The poison worked quickly and Rourke fell and then the rip with the boot on his chest ended as he stood on top of it.

In March, Variety reported that Holloway already had another gig standing, although it was not clear at the time if he was waking up the two. But now the fans have the answer. Although the show lost a character, it gained something else. 

When Beth went to the hospital to see her father, she ended her relationship with a teenage boy named Carter (Finn Little) whose father was dying. She was standing next to him when the doctor gave her the bad news that her father’s brain was no longer active and fought to say goodbye to Carter.

 Carter came home with Beth in the second episode of the two-hour premiere block (titled “Phantom Pane”). When he tried to commit the robbery, he told the policeman who picked him up that Beth was his guardian. Naturally, she didn’t want to agree, but when the police officer told her that if the child “slept tonight and didn’t wake up in the morning,” she changed her mind.

 Although neither Rip nor John had much faith in Carter at first, his arrival was welcome because Jimmy (Jefferson White) was badly injured when he fell from a horse to continue working in the field. The premiere episodes ended on an emotional but still hopeful note, as John pulled a horse for an early morning ride as part of his physical therapy, leaving Carter in the barn.

 But it feels like a brief respite before another storm, especially because of Jackie Weaver’s Caroline Warner, who made her debut in the second episode. If people thought Roarke was bad for their business, then at least he was the devil they knew. Caroline, the chair of Market Equities, wants to get the farm and her methods will be just as serious, even if they look too much together when pulling them. “Yellowstone” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. On the Paramount network.

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