Who was Nancy Hughes ? Nancy Hughes cause of death and video explain:-

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Doctor dead in bike accident name Nancy Hughes: 

An unfortunat news Trending on news today from Galveston Texas. A popular and well known physician kill on her bike whe she was driving in morning. 

Who is Nancy Hughes? And what was Nancy Hughes cause of death. Nancy Hughes accident video
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After the accident Police started investigation and searching for whos is responsible for that murder. This is now makes Headlines and people start searching about Nancy Hughes details about her information.
Your are here because you also search for her information so stay with us we will give you information about it.

Who was Nancy Hughes ?

Dr. Nancy Hughes is well known physician he is 67 year old. She was dead on her bike. Police says she was hit by a car although this not clear yet but investigator believe when she going to seawall Boulevard on her bike she was hit by a car but it’s not clear yet what exactly happen their.

Nancy Hughes cause of death and video explain:-

She is famous physician many of her patient are sad because she is very close with her patient. Police looking for a car which is damage from front. Police asked from Galveston people if anyone see a damage car please inform in police station as soon as possible.
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