Zelensky: Ukraine never Forgive Russia , Putin is waging a war for his power.

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Russia vs Ukraine zelensky address his people on Russia war.
image via Twitter – zelensky address his people.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasizes that the Russians, who carried out another missile attack before the New Year, are for the devil, and the Russian Federation is waging a war to ensure that its president remains in power for the rest of his life.

Direct speech: “This Russian missile attack is not the result of the year, no matter how much the terrorists want it, it is the result of the fate of Russia itself. The terrorist state will not receive forgiveness, and those who give orders for such strikes, who carry out – will not a pardon, to say the least.

Several waves of rocket attack on Christmas Eve, rockets against the people – this was done by non-humans. Inhumans lose. Terrorists cannot change it.

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At Easter, they made such blows, at Christmas, at New Year. They call themselves Christians, they are very proud of their Orthodoxy, but they are for the devil. They are for him and with him.”

“All this war that you are waging, you are Russia, it is not with NATO, as your propagandists lie, it is not for something historical, it is for one person to remain in power until the end of his life. And what will be left of everyone he does not care about you, the citizens of Russia,” the president emphasized.

He emphasized that no one in the world will ever forgive Russians for terror.

“Ukraine will never forgive. And you yourself will not forgive him (Putin – ed.) for all this – that he will destroy and everyone he kills,” Zelensky emphasized.

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